Santa's helper delivers

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Dec 25, 2006

Here is the CH14 coming in through the middle of the front living room window (had to move the Leg Lamp out of the way) after an intricate extraction maneuver in the basement (cannot simply move the soil pipe out of the way). It's for my 7 year old daughter and I am modestly certain she doesn't know about it yet. Started it from plans the Monday before Thanksgiving -- nothing like giving myself a lot of extra time. No deck hatches though, and only two coats of pretty dusty varnish. Plenty of time for more in the spring. The two tone deck (see next post) is the result of trying to bend some of that 4 mm stuff with the thick inner and paper-thin outer veneers to the 16" radius. It cracked during the install which is a somewhat frustrating experience. The rear deck was already installed and my higher quality replacement plywood for the foredeck didn't match. Oh well, lesson learned -- pay attention to the quality of the materials.

And a question: anybody ever fit one of those happy bottom pads into a CH14? The integral hip pads seem a touch too tall to fit properly. Can I shape them like you can with the knee pads or will the destruction of that smooth exterior surface lead to its disintegration?

Happy holidays.