Re: Shop Air Changes

Posted by Jim E on Dec 18, 2006

Dan, If I understand you right, you want to send the shop air outside, and replace it with heated air from the house. That could show up in your heating bills!

If you replaced it with outside air, it would be too cold to do any epoxy work anyway.

Your fan should be variable speed. Epoxy does not put out much in the way of fumes, So run the fan at low speed for epoxy work, just enough so the air flows from the house into the shop. Avoid using acetone for cleanup, use white vinegar instead. Speed up the fan if you do any sanding or varnishing.

I have a 3-speed fan in my shop, but I have never measured the replacement rate. It's probably about 10-15 minutes at full speed in my 2000 cu ft space. It's noisy, so it's on slow most of the time. My shop is standalone, no house to worry about, so the fan is really a comfort thing for me, to keep things cool in summer, and to get rid of airborne sanding dust (I use a mask as well). At the moment, I'm leaving it off, so I can use some heat for the epoxy. I'm in Northern California, so a $10 fan heater does that job.

In Response to: Shop Air Changes by Dan B on Dec 17, 2006