epoxy woes

Posted by Jay on Dec 17, 2006

here's one more about epoxy.

A while back I posted about having tiny air bubbles in my epoxy when I applied it with a roller. The suggestion of the dry foam brush helped out a lot, but it wasn't a total cure.

the other day I noticed that i was getting some of thes tiny bubbles during the dispensing of the hardener, and the mixing process. I went and bought a new set of pumps, and the hardener seemed to bleed out fine, but I never seemed to get all the air out of the resin, and I felt like I had cycled through the bottle.

I'm going as slow as I can and really taking my time with it, but they just won't dress out all the way. Is some of this to be expected? Will it sand out before I varnish. It looks great when cured, but shows up under bright light and under hand.

Thanks for any more input and asvice, Jay