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Posted by Tim on Dec 5, 2006

Hey. You may be past this point by now, but here goes. I didn't like the nail idea either. So having done a google search, I was able to find a site that went through a process using rope to hold the deck while epoxy cured. There were many diff. processes. Some of this stuff can git quite involved. Many make it out to be like rocket science. But, it need not be. The path of least resistance is always good. Enough ramble..... Basically all you need to do is use some cord, I used some el' cheapo para cord from a dollar store. Layout some lines to follow the shear nailing area as if you were goint to nail, drill yourself a series of holes for the cord to pass through, 6"-7" apart all around the perihery. Dry fit, trial, there may be areas that won't pull down tight enough, easy to fix with wedges or blocks of scrap to tighten cord. At that point leaving it sit for a day or so ain't such a bad idea to pre-stress the decking a little, giting it used to it's new form. THen slop on the goo, and start to weave/lace the cording! adjust/tighten as you go and final tweaks where needed. It's really simple, inexpensive, and quite beutiful when done! Lot's of good theory and thought out there! Good luck!

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