Re: SIS SOT building ques

Posted by George K on Dec 4, 2006


I actually laughed out loud when I read your post! I don't have any other ideas about getting the deck on without cutting the front hatch out. I suppose it might be possible to put in a forward sheer clamp but you'd be adding a whole lot more weight than the wetted out tape. (You'd have to start with a piece 3/4" wide x about 1.5" high as the angle of the deck to sides is pretty severe. Not at all like planing off a regular sheer clamp.) And besides, everybody should have the experience of trying to get epoxy out of your hair before it goes off! The recessed hatches look pretty nice with internal bungies anyway. I thought of using Moby latches but bungies are quicker and I wanted to get the thing on the water. If anybody wants pics of my setup I'll be glad to send them pics and explainations. Or just email Mac, he's got 'em!

George K

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