Re: SIS SOT building ques

Posted by Laszlo on Dec 4, 2006

Thanks for all the ideas guys, but doing it by the book is probably the best way to go. A port in the front of the cockpit wouldn't give good access to the sides. The sidepour idea, even if it worked just the way it was supposed to, would use up an awful lot of epoxy, adding weight and expense. If it was just epoxy it'd end up brittle. If it had fillers it wouldn't flow well. And I'm not sure if it'd actually be possible to get it into all the right spots. As Mr. CLC said, it'd be a pretty expensive experiment.

Ken's idea of gluing the hatch cover back into the deck would definitely work. It'd also have the advantage of having the construction follow the sequence that CLC & Schade spent so much time and money working out (remember that the SIS has been under development for almost 2 years). Part of what the kit price pays for is that CLC has already made all the newbie mistakes for me, so it'd be a shame to throw that money away.

One other argument for keeping the hatch occurred to me - accessibility for repairs.

So at this point it looks as if the smart thing to do is to go with either Shearwater-style closures or gluing te hatch cover down once the assembly is complete.

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