What if.........

Posted by Ken Leffert on Dec 3, 2006

Just thinking via keyboard....... I have never even seen a SIS, and the one boat that I built had a sheer clamp.... but what if a builder was to build that entirely per CLC plan, cut out said hatches, do the tape-on-a-stick roll thing (or whatever you do for this type of joint), and glue the hatch cutouts right back down on flanges glued to the underside of the deck? Not a perfect answer, to be sure, there would be a visible line left where the cut was made, but I'm thinking that you could preserve the lines of the deck (how severe is the curvature in these areas???), not have to deal with any kind of hatch hardware, and no leaks.

I personally would still want some kind of hatch, maybe inside the cockpit, that would give the inside of the hull adequate ventilation on a regular basis.

In Response to: Re: SIS SOT building ques by Laszlo on Dec 3, 2006