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Posted by Laszlo on Dec 3, 2006


That's exactly why I was asking the question. Since I never built a stripper, I was hoping that someone who had may have come up with a nice trick to apply the tape from behind the cockpit.

CLC (John?),

I wasn't so much concerned by the taping, as trying to avoid the hatch. The way I use my boats I don't really have a need for 2 storage compartments so I was thinking how nice it'd be to see the uninterrupted grain and smooth curve in front of me, but then I remembered the tape.

I don't think I'd go with just leaving out the interior tape. From what I've seen of the boat there doesn't seem to be enough bearing area between the deck and the hull for that. I'd be afraid of fatigue failure, even with thicker exterior glass. And the thicker glass would make a bright finish more difficult.

Thinking through the problem while I write this has made me realize that my objection is not so much to the hatches, but to the 3-strap hatch closures shown in the photos. I think that the real answer may be to go with Shearwater-style hatch closures instead. As I recall, George K used them on his SIS and they looked really nice.

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