Re: SIS SOT building ques

Posted by Jim E on Dec 2, 2006

According to Nick Schade's book on strip building, you start with a roll of pre-impregnated tape, and unroll it along the seam by pushing with a long stick the has a bristle brush on the end, attached at a 45 degee angle.

All I know about the SIS I learned by watching the shopcam build. Since the cockpit 'pod' is attached to the deck prior to the deck going on, you don't even have a cockpit hole to work through. Doing the whole thing from the rear hatch would be a challenge, since the cockpit will block the view, and get in the way of your tools. Perhaps a small, TV-quided, tape-rolling robot could do it, even it it did not survive the subsequent acetone bath!

A temporary opening in the front wall of the cockpit pod might serve, although it would be quite small since that area is a two-panel 'V' shape. It would be tricky to reach round to the cockpit sides from there.

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