Re: Sand the Inside?

Posted by LeeG on Dec 2, 2006

Don't bother, keep moving. It's a part of the kayak that gets very dirty and worn. I've seen a few original CLC kayaks where the 3" tape was sanded half the way through to make it smooth and even. Using 9oz tape over fillets is inherently a wavy/wobbly finish. To make it as smooth as you are capable works against the nature of the construction. Using lighter 6oz tape or just cloth or just fillets would make for a neater job. If you have big rough edges it's worth going over them with a scraper while 'green' or a 80grit ROS then re-coat. Go for a functional finish where rough edges won't cut hands and leave the super smooth finish for the deck and inside edge of the cockpit coaming roundover.

In Response to: Sand the Inside? by David Tudryn on Nov 30, 2006