you really don't need a

Posted by Charlie Jones on Dec 1, 2006

brush. You already have a smoothing device in your hand. Just let the roller get pretty dry, then reach a finger ( gloved of course) out to stop it from rolling and drag it lightly back over the rolled on epoxy. Or cut a roller up into pieces about 3 or 4 inches long using a third of the roller length wise, and drag that back. But the roller you are using is the quickest and easiest.

By the way, I never sand epoxy until all the fill coats are on- I use scrapers to knock off nibs and any drips ( which you shouldn't have). Then I sand and roll on a final really thin coat, prior to finish sanding.

You do have to work in a continuous time frame so the epoxy doesn't really cure between coats, but there's no real reason to sand between coats unless you let it cure too long.

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