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Posted by LeRoy on Nov 30, 2006

John, you will not find a better boat then the CY for “just rowing, fishing [while seated] and day tripping,” but for me, weekend camping trips with my Rottweiler, wife and just 25 pounds of camping gear would put me 35 pounds over CLC’s rough water recommendation, so please do your own calculations — and always wear a PFD.

Personalization is one of the benefits of building your own boat, but I would hate to see you add fixed seats to this beautifully designed craft. If you personalize the location of the multiple oarlocks according to your expected load placement, you could better trim the boat. You would need at least two fixed seats to accomplish the same thing. Fixed seats would take up extra space and you, or your dogs, would have to crawl over them to move about the boat. As you can see in the photo in CLC’s message, there is room for a dog to squeeze by the movable seat (the seat just sits on the floor, it is not in slots).

My experience with the CY was without extra load, but if you keep the load reasonable, and trimmed, it will row great from any station.

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