Posted by Moe on Nov 30, 2006

first thing any carpenter with respect for his craft will have serius dubts when it comes to using guns un finer interior works. a cabinett meker would never do it, i'm not sur about boat makers but i can imagen.

second although there are alot of choises among gun types, heads and nails i have yet though see acid treated nails (which is what you need) if the nails are treated in anny way it's normally a heat treatment to prevent them from rusting, however salt watter is acid and a nail requires extra treatment if you want it to survive in salt watter.

also though this waries alot from gun to gun and from brand to brand there are normally a fair number of nails that dont flush and some who go all the way through the ply. this will coast you some time.

and then theirs all the wait and style factors.

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