Re: Clear packing tape

Posted by Mac on Nov 30, 2006


There must be various grades of packing tape. Unfortunateley, I don't have any of the stuff I used left. And I don't believe anything was written on the roll(s). I've built three kayaks using MILES of packing tape in lieu of nails, and haven't had one bit of goo stay behind.

I wonder if this may also have something to do with the temperature when the tape is applied - all of my builds have taken place between 65 and 70 degrees F. (Cold up here in the winter).

I guess if you have a choice - buy the more expensive tape, or try for a good brand like 3M.

Maybe try taping at night when the temps are down.

Anyway, once the goo is cleaned off, it will still be worth the effort to have gone nailless in my humble opinion.


Mac from Montreal

In Response to: Clear packing tape by Garland Gray on Nov 29, 2006