Re: Should I build a CLC

Posted by Bob Santore on Nov 28, 2006

Ryan - I built a Skerry and love it. I had probably above average woodworking skills going into it and it sounds like you do too, so no doubt you'll do fine (that's not a requirement, but it doesn't hurt).

But as fun as it is to build a boat, you have to ask yourself what you plan to do with it later. I use it for rowing, bobbing around with my two kids (or wife), fishing, and sailing on the St. Lawrence River. For those purposes it is an excellent boat.

It also dosn't hurt any that it's a fine looking boat and no one that sees it will wonder why you bothered to build it.

Feel free to ask more specific questions, and good luck whatever you plan to do.

- Bob

In Response to: Should I build a CLC boat by Ryan on Nov 27, 2006