air bubbles in epoxy, etc

Posted by Jay on Nov 27, 2006

I ran into a problem this morning while applying another coat to my hull (C16), trying to fill in the weave. Tiny air bubbles began forming under the roller. I almost had a coronary when I saw it. the only thing I could think of was to grab a chip brush, wet it with the last of the epoxy, and feather it over the surface. I'd say that it removed 90% of them, but some seemed as if they reappered or were just too tenacious. My temp. was nominal, and roller speed was pretty slow. what is happening? Also, the weave seems to be filled for the most part, but I still have some irregularity to the surface (not runs or drips, but kind of wavey like antique windows.) I'm getting pretty hesitant to think about applying another coat, other than to tip in some spots on the bow where the bias seems to be a bit proud. I guess the question is, will this dress out later when finishing? Is some of this to be expected?

Also, while I'm here, are hatch "rims" really nescassary? I tried cuting them out with a saber saw(not pretty). I do have a band saw that I used to cut out the spacers for the cockpit (much better). Rims seem like a good idea, but they are also so small that it seems like if you don't get them cut out pretty much perfect, it'll look like a real hack job that even wood flour couldn't save.

Thanks for you replies in advance!