Re: epoxy slag

Posted by Alan Speakman on Nov 27, 2006

Hi GeorgeP,

A couple of thoughts...

* I agree with everything that has been posted, but whether you choose to remove the "slag" using sandpaper, scraper, file/rasp, or the following method - extreme care should be exercised...

* Remove the top and bottom of two empty soda cans and then flatten the remaining aluminum sheet. (Make sure there are no burrs on either side of the aluminum.) Next, secure the aluminum over each side of the slag and us it as a shield as you sand/scrape/rasp/plane the unwanted epoxy away.

* When you touch aluminum, slow down... You're roughly 0.02" away from going too far.

* Obviously, keeping the smooth "sweep" or contour of the hull is the name of the game.

* It takes a bit of time, patience, and a very sharp tool, but it works extremely well.


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