epoxy slag

Posted by GeorgeP on Nov 27, 2006

After joining up my side panels this weekend (Ches. 17LT), I was saddened to find that some epoxy slag had seeped through to the underside of the panels and caused a rough glop of epoxy at the joint on what will be the exterior of the boat (my fault, I should have taped better). I have done some careful sanding around the area and it is now just a rough area slightly higher than the surrounding wood. My question is whether I should continue to carefully sand the area now or whether I can/should wait til the panels are stitched up and in final form before more sanding. I don't want to sand a low place into the wood now, and it seems that I'll be better able to sand the area smooth and fair when the boat is in final form and when I have to sand it anyway before laying the glass. But I could be wrong. Also, how smooth do I need to make it, ultimately, before laying the glass? Do the glass and several layers of epoxy tend to smooth out things like this that are under the glass? Thanks in advance for any responses.