Re: MillCreek13 - Deck Mo

Posted by Alan Speakman on Nov 26, 2006

Hi Jim,

A couple of thoughts...

* Concerning the deck... You might try building the MC 13 "as is" right out of the kit, and then cut down the coaming and use it as a platform for a more conventional kayak cockpit...

* Also, I'm a little confused concerning the proposed placement of the seat... If I understand this, most in this thread are suggesting that the seat be moved forward, but your post asks about moving it aft.

* I always got the sense that the rails that hold the seat are a very good "ballpark" solution... That is to say that if the seat needed to be further aft than the rails would allow, the rails could be trimmed back, and if the seat needed to be moved forward, they could be supplemented.

* Lastly, I always got the sense that the reason why it sits low in the stern is that that feature offers directional stability, (in the place of a rudder/skeg).

Anyway, my wife LOVES her MC13...

Just $.02...


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