progress report

Posted by Jay on Nov 26, 2006

Since I'm a first time builder and I've been posting so many questions , I thought that I'd let y'all know how things are fairing...

Today I fit the deck deck beam and secured it in place, and I put on a third coat of epoxy on the hull (including wetting out the 'glass). I had hoped to be done with it today, but there's just a bit of the weave showing through. one more very thin coat should do it. I'm looking forward to planing down the sheer clamps tomorrow. I think it's coming along rather well, and I love walking in and seeing it in the front office every morning. In hindsight, the interior epoxy might be a little on the heavy side, but it's not bad for a blacksmith.

If the weather is nice and I have some time, I might go pick up a sheet for the deck. I think I will take my time shuffling through the stack to find a great piece. Although I was really impressed with the ribbon that came through on some of the hull pieces.

I'll have more questions soon, thanks to all who have helped so far!


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