Re: Paddling the Sea Isla

Posted by Jim L on Nov 26, 2006

George, Great looking boat! I was not initially sold on the SIS, but have slowly been warming up to it. Your comments put me over the top. I'm working on my 3rd boat now, a Shearwater 17 Hybrid. (My first two boats were Chessies, a 17' & a 16' for my wife.) My next one will definately be a SIS. One big consideration for me is that my knees are shot. After 45 minutes or so in my CH 17, my left knee just aches. On a recent trip to the Exumas, we rented plastic SOT's and I had no problem. I guess I simply can't move my legs around enough in the CH cockpit. By the way, the picture you posted looks a lot like a picnic area I have visited. Where was this picture taken? Jim L

In Response to: Paddling the Sea Island by George K on Nov 24, 2006