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Posted by George K on Nov 24, 2006


The leaves are onlays. Each leaf is 7 pieces of veneer, six for the leaf and one for the stem. The leaves are quilted cherry and the stems are makore. I get all my veneers from B & B Rare Woods. I start by making a pattern, masking the front side of the veneer so it won't split when I cut it, trace the pattern on the back side of the veneer upside down, cut out all the pieces, masking tape them all together and glue down the leaf in one piece. (There are twenty leaves on the boat, 10 lefts and 10 rights, and each took about a half hour to make.) Then peel off the masking tape when the glue has dried. Sand the veneer as thin as possible with 220 by hand and feather all the edges as much as possible. Four ounce cloth and epoxy over it with several thin fill coats to build up the surrounding deck, sanding in between coats. I used Resin Research epoxy on this one which is UV friendly so I just wet sanded to 2000 grit (I've been accused of using 2 million grit!), buff out with auto polishing compound and wax with carnuba wax. Not as glossy as Epifanes but much quicker.

And I don't care if you copy my work at all. There's no patent or copyright on anything I do! And I would hope my work would inspire you to be creative, not the opposite. If you're on this forum cuz you're building boats you are already more creative than most people.

George K

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