get the plans, lay them

Posted by Charlie Jones on Nov 1, 2006

out on cardboard at something like 3/4 inch or 1 1/2 inch to a foot, cut the shapes out and tape them together.

Then make another set except stretch them to whatever length you want. Cut THAT set out and tape them together. See what they look like. You'll find you also have to widen some of the strakes to get a reasonable boat.

That's exactly what the originators of tack and tape building did when they first did boats- cut and try. Nowadays computers do the hard work, but you can still do it the old way. Devlin has a book goes into some detail on how to design a tack and tape boat. Good read.

But don't call it a Mill Creek when you are done, cause it won't be one. It'll be a brand new design and if it doesn't work out, it would not be fair to John, and the rest, to call it one of their boats. Even if it DOES work, it STILL won't be a Mill Creek.

In Response to: stretching Mill Creek 16 by steve on Oct 31, 2006