Re: plywood surfboard

Posted by Alan Speakman on Oct 31, 2006


I think there are great ideas here, (especially Laszlo's foam idea), and the link is fantastic, but I still would want at least one hatch on my board, and here's why...

I do quite a bit of shellfishing as a sort of hobby. Unfortunately, I also need to carry my car keys, glasses, cell phone, and ID. Shellfishing is hard, wet (sometimes soaking) business, and I have yet to find a way to reliably keep the phone and whatnot dry. (And there ain't no way I'm going to leave my car keys on the shore!)

I would imagine surfers face similar hassles...

If that were my board, I'd probably go the foam route and keep the front or rear chamber empty and accessible via a hatch for air flow (albeit limited) during storage, and convenient stowing of the crucial small stuff during use. Problems solved...


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