Skerry mainsheet rigging

Posted by Wilke Nelson on Oct 30, 2006

I took my new Skerry for it's first sail yesterday on the Potomac River. The winds were very strong, but the Skerry handled quite well. My problem was the pull on the mainsheet from the powered sail was very strong and I tired quickly.

I seem to have the two blocks rigged differently than is evident in some of the pictures of Skerries on the CLC website. I tied the aft end of the mainsheet to the end of the boom, then ran it through the lower block attached to the bungee tied to the center seat, then I ran it through the block tied to the middle of the boom. I grabbed the end as it came through the upper block on the boom and held it that way. But, again, the force was quite strong.

Is there another configuration that might be more efficient? If so, could someone give me a word picture (or a real picture) describing it? I would love to go out again in a stiff breeze, but with a little less effort.