Re: sealing bukheads

Posted by Dave Houser on Sep 18, 2006

Everyone has told you what needs to be done but not the easiest way to do it. Hang the kayak upside down from the ceiling using two slings so the deck is shoulder high. Mask, with 3M blue masking tape, over the gap on hatch side of the bulkhead. Mix about an ounce of epoxy and add Cabosil (fumed silica) to thicken it to mayonnaise thickness. Fill the gap from the cockpit side making a fillet using a Popsicle stick. If the gap is bigger then the radius on the popsicle stick use a bigger stick like a tongue depressor. Remove any epoxy slop with a square cut Popsicle stick sanded to a chisel point and a cloth wrapped on your index finger. Let the epoxy cure over night and remove the masking tape. Important always remove masking tape for epoxy the next day or pieces of it will forever be part of your boat. Then add a fillet on the on the other side through the hatch.

In Response to: Re: sealing bukheads by Tom on Sep 17, 2006