Re: epifanes vs interlux

Posted by George K on Sep 17, 2006


I haven't used Interlux but have used Epiphanes on 4 boats. I do the same as Laszlo, sand with 220, use a 2" foam brush (which I buy bulk from Jamestown Distributers), do the cross hatch thing, wet sand with 400 wet/dry between coats. Nice finish. The most important thing you can do to get a good finish is to de-dust your workspace. Blow down the walls and ceiling with the shop vac exhaust, mop the floor. Do it again the next day. I'm a perfectionist (unfortunately at times) and will do it a third time. Then nobody, and I do mean nobody, is allowed in the shop while I varnish. As soon as you finish a coat throw out that foam brush and get out so you don't stir up any dust you might have missed! Another thing is to follow the manufacturers instructions as far as thinning. When you buy the varnish don't forget to buy the thinner for it. And finally don't worry too much about getting the occasional piece of dust. When people see your boat they're going to be so busy admiring it they won't even notice a dust spec.

Happy varnishing.

George K

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