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Posted by CLC on Sep 16, 2006

>>>>>Plans are not available for the Chester Yawl. Is the reason for protection of the patent or for eventual customer satisfaction since the yawl has numberous rabets and bevels that might be considered more than an amateur could easily handle?>>>>>>>

Not a practical subject for scratch builders. There are a great many parts, all of which are prefabricated to a high degree of precision or the hull won't form up. We have a CNC machine for that purpose. 1/16" of error on each of 12 planks would add up to a hull that is some other shape. I don't want to take that tech call. Highly skilled boatbuilders might pull it off, but it would take so much time that it would be easier, and make more sense, to build the Chester Yawl as a "glued lapstrake" boat rather than a "LapStitch" boat. Same story for the Annapolis Wherry.

Now, plans for a glued lapstrake Chester Yawl make a lot of sense to me and it's on the Top 50 list of things to do.

Some LapStitch boats have fewer parts and are more forgiving, for example the Eastport Pram and the Skerry. Plans are available for those, and will be available for the Passagemaker Dinghy presently.

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