Never mind - found it!

Posted by Monterey Matt on Sep 16, 2006

Aha! I found my diagram stuck in the bag with my extra fiberglass. The key part I was not understanding was "other end knotted through hole in hip brace" -- I'd just done a double bowline through the nylon loop, which held but didn't seem to provide enough leverage.

I am still going to punt on installing the hip braces so I can launch on Thursday, but I'll just wait until I put in the hip braces to install the jam cleat for creature comfort. I positioned the braces and seat today and applied the velcro (which obviously lets me reposition the seat a bit forward and backward without ill effect, if need be) so I'd have something to sit in and get an idea of how hip braces, seat, foot braces, and knee-against-deck all worked together. Seems pretty comfortable right now, all things considered.

Here's another question: did (a) screws come with this, and I lost them, or (b) I have to supply my own screws?

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