Ches 18 hip braces

Posted by Monterey Matt on Sep 16, 2006

OK, I've gotten to the mystery parts of the manual, that refer to a diagram to explain how to install the hip braces -- but the diagram explains nothing. I'm guessing the wooden parts get a triple seal of clear epoxy, then get cut down to a length that will fit them about a quarter inch away from one's hips, then are filleted to the deck at top and the bottom of the cockpit at bottom, then the cel foam is applied to the paddler's side with cabosil-thickened epoxy.

Is this correct?

And, I would like to wait to install these to see how my other customizations are working (footbraces, seat, cockpit size) -- is there any reason why I can't install these guys after the fact?

Yes, I'm eager to skip this step so the boat will be ready when the CLC folks arrive on Thursday.