Re: Satin Finish

Posted by Alan Speakman on Sep 16, 2006

Hi Matt,

First, I'd say that UV protection is important... Yeah you can take the yak out once or twice just glassed and it won't dissolve right before your eyes. (Obviously, don't let it just bake unprotected in the sun!) But when all is said and done, be sure to use UV protection.

I sanded the deck of my Mill Creek 13 down to 320 grit emory cloth, then wiped on very thin layers of Epifanes Rapidclear semi-gloss with UV protection, (it took each layer forever to dry!) But the end result is just "spooky beautiful". The finish is deep, even, rich, almost three dimensional depending upon where you stand... Think of the stock of a fine old shotgun, or the body of a Martin guitar...

The best advice I'd offer is this: Use UV protection stuff like Jim linked to, and then test on scrap over and over until you get just what YOU want. That's what I did, and found just the right combination of prep/application/UV finish for me, and it blows my socks off.


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