Happy Bottom Installation

Posted by Monterey Matt on Sep 14, 2006

Man, I'm sooo close to launching I am having difficulty waiting for the paint to dry.

In any event, I bought the Happy Bottom because my seat needs as much happiness as it can get, and either I mislaid the installation instructions sometime in the last three years or there weren't any to begin with.

From the installation kit, I'm guessing they go something like this:

(1) position seat someplace.

(2) put velcro sticky tape on happy bottom, remove backing.

(3) reposition seat so the backing tape sticks. Let sit for a while.

(4) install the line to adjust the seat back somehow.

As you may have guessed, (4) is what I'm most concerned about.

I poked around the CLC site for HB installation instructions, could not find. Has anybody got some they could scan in for me? Or at least some sage advice about rigging the trip/adjustment line for the seat.

Thanks. Ches. 18, the good r/v Umunum (soon to be launched after being blessed by John next Thursday, I hope.)