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Posted by Andrew Sommer on Sep 14, 2006

The people in favor {Read Power Boaters and Power Boat Manufacturers) are attempting to get county councils to support it by dangling the carrot of more money in their faces. In my county, Brevard, the fight has been fought mostly by email with one shortsighted council member giving these reasons. With the those against it replying

More Boat Ramps: Which kayakers don’t need

More Money for Enforcement: Yep arrest those speeding drunk power boaters!

More Money for Manatee protection...never heard of a kayak killing a Manatee so why make us pay for it

More Money for environmental cleanup of waterways…I can smell a power boat go by over a mile away on open water and I never see power boaters stopping to pick up others trash like kayakers often do. Don’t forget about noise pollution, more power boat access means MORE pollution not less.

Last one {That I Remember); Its only fair since the state require Personal Water Craft (Jet Skis) to register and they don't need ramps either and they don’t hurt the when was the last time you saw a jet ski launched from a sand embankment! See answer above and add the idiots speeding their jet skis across shallow sea grass beds.

Those canoeist and yakers who may have some support for it say that ALL the extra money should go to upgrade ALL the existing boat ramps with floating docks which are easy to launch from and or add sand launches and the rest of the additional funds should go for Marine Patrol. BEFORE any is spent on more ramps for power boaters.

The Lobby doesn’t like hearing those arguments additionally many power boaters are against it because they often own canoes, kayaks, rowing skiffs and tender etc and they don’t want to pay for each of those as well.

Some additional arguments against ask why aren't sailboards on the list as they often weight MORE then kayaks and are often longer, go faster etc. How about large surf boards...where do you draw the line. Folks long ago argued this and drew the line with an engine being mounted on the craft so why question our elders’ judgment.

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