Re: Buying a boat kit

Posted by John F on Sep 13, 2006

I`ll vote for the Shearwater. I built a kit with the puzzle joints, I loved them. The lack of a shear clamp is a bonus, not needed on this boat. The predrilled holes seem like a God send. No matter what you will have a good time with your children, so long as you are forgiving and understanding. You WILL make mistakes, anything can be corrected with a hot hair blower, and some epoxy. Get the ZEN video. Helped me. Just allow a lot of space, building it in a closet ceases to be fun. Get a nice four foot by sixteen foot table. A good orbital, random sander, lots of gloves. Have at it. This site and CLC will get you thru it. Keep it simple and don`t modify the design with "New" ideas. Save those for you second boat. Have at it. John F

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