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Posted by Chuck on Sep 12, 2006


I have just completed a Chesapeake 17LT for my wife and previously a Chesapeake 17 in 2005. I am very pleased with the performance and comfort of both designs and know that they are going to provide a lot of great paddling adventures ahead for both of us. I have had my Chesapeake 17 out in the Ocean as well as the flat back water areas and it has handled both very well. I use a Greenland Paddle I made as my primary paddle now and the 17 goes just great with it.

I have only paddled the 17(LT) a little since I completed it last month, my wife hasn't wanted to relinquish it to me for too long before she wants it back, but it turns beautifully, tracks well, and is a dream to paddle too. That being said I do want to build a Shearwater or something a little higher performance a couple years down the road as I get more into ocean and rougher water paddling. However, I think the Chesapeakes for general kayaking are going to give both my wife and I plenty of paddling fun and satisfaction. Also the building of the Chesapeakes is straightforward and not difficult at all especially with all the help available from the manual, the New Kayak Shop book, the CLC kayaking building DVD, numerous builder websites, and of course, this forum. I think that unless you have already had a lot of experience working with epoxy fiberglass and wood construction or just want to go for the higher performing yak to begin with, that you can't go wrong building a Chesapeake first. Plus then you will have a second kayak to take your friends or family members out in after you build your Artic Hawk, Sherwater, Night Heron, etc.

Good luck with your decision,


Chesapeake, VA

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