Re: Buying a boat kit

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 12, 2006

The Chesapeake series begins to look kind of pale next to all the glamorous new offerings CLC has come up with, such as the Arctic Hawk, Shearwater, etc. But I was able to spend a little quality time with all these boats at OkoumeFest last June, and I was pleasantly astonished at how well the Chessies continue to stack up against their formidable siblings.

One of my favorite boats to just horse around in was, surprisingly enough, the Chessy 16 LT. It's a SWEET little boat! It handled all the Greenland style shenanigans I threw at it with perfect aplomb, and offered not a single thing to complain about.

This is not to say I was unimpressed with the others. Heck, I had no doubt they'd shine, and so they did. But what shocked me was how well the good ol' Chessies still are, in direct comparison.

Cheers, Kurt

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