Re: Nope doesnt work

Posted by Andrew Sommer on Aug 23, 2006

Guys, I own a web hosting company and have been using the internet since 1995 I'm well aware of not using quotes etc. Browser incompatabilities etc and everythiung else mentioned. I can code web pages using a text editor, and debug CGI programs.

So...I called my ISP people and they couldnt find it either. BTW I'm using Road Runner, Next I called my the company I resell web space from which they have 4 hubs with over 300 T-3 lines across USA and they couldn't find it Either!!! They asked if it was a new web domain...which I did not know the answer to. They seem to think it could POSSIBLY not have fully propogated through the entire internet. Can take weeks actually for every serving hub to get it on thier servers. I'm on the south east coast of the USA in Florida. Where are you guys from?

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