Re: Figured Out Eskimo Ro

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 21, 2006

Rolling just isn't that hard, okay? I don't say this because I'm a tactless, arrogant SOB, and will give you my heartiest CONGRATS right quick!! WOO-HOO!!!

I'm really happy for you, and fervently wish more people would do what you just did. As much FUN as kayaking is, having a roll is like nothing less than the **other half**!

Here's a bit of my advice, sorry, can't help it: whenever your roll fails you, try to relax, rather than work harder. You naturally want to concentrate, and that's okay... But as with fly-casting, loosening up is usually what helps the most. Think about the zen of it.

Beginners have what I call a "mechanical" roll, and it's a little rough and not totally reliable. But you keep at it, and it'll soon become an "intuitive" roll. And this is where it really becomes effortless and reliable and FUN.

Good for you, Mike! I don't even know you, but I'm toasting your success with joy and a cold Mexican beer with lime! Ain't it grand?

Cheers, Kurt

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