Re: molded kayak seat

Posted by mike noeske on Aug 21, 2006

If you are in good with a local kayak dealer, ask them if they have any old seats from a roto molded kayak laying around. When I asked at my local kayak dealer they said that they had two out in the back. So, I picked up a used Dagger seat to put in my WR18. (I also got a complete used Seal Line Smart Track rudder system by asking, and got it cheap, just needed new cables). The only thing with the Dagger seat is that I knew it would not fit thru the cockpit opening (I tried it on my Ches 16), so it had to be in the cockpit when the deck was installed. required some trimming and trial fits before I actually put the deck on. But I also know the only way it will come out of the cockpit is to attack the seat with a drimel and a cut off wheel and cut it down the middle.


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