Re: Magnets

Posted by Alan Speakman on Aug 21, 2006

Hi Laszlo,

I agree about the non-mag media, but I do worry about devices that can be flashed for updates...

These magnets are very powerful, and may be able to induce a current/establish a voltage differential on a printed circuit board, (PCB), especially around something like a tiny toroidal transformer.... If that happens, Katy latch the door on a flashable device.

I also worry about microscopic crystalline "whiskers" on PCBs' solder joints...

I guess that I'm just trying to let everyone know that while rare-earth magnets are cool and potentially useful, (my wife loves the way that the paddle just "thunks" into place on the deck with no bungees), they can be dangerous, and that they can mess with electronic stuff too... (For example, an iPod wouldn't stand a chance...)

Be safe...


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