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Posted by Alan Speakman on Aug 20, 2006

Hi Peter,

Some thoughts...

* Given the fact that the first coat went on over the old paint perfectly, I'd say that you don't have an incompatibility between paint types.

* Is the degree of dullness and roughness uniform over the entire hull? If so, you can look at some sort of general paint degradation or lack of hull preparedness between coats (as in not letting the prior coat fully dry before adding a subsequent coat, excessive heat or humidity, sanding issues, moisture under the surface, old paint, etc.) If on the other hand a portion of the Ches isn't too bad, but gets progressively worse, see below...

* Did you use the same type of brush(es) on the first coat as you did on the second and third coats? Different brands of brushes clean and degrade in different ways.

* I'd be tempted to stop now and start experimenting on scrap... Try the different sandpapers with several layers of paint... Be sure you let the paint fully cure... See if you can find out what is really going on... This takes little time and speaks volumes!

Best of luck,


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