Re: adding a small keel..

Posted by Jim E on Aug 20, 2006

Hi, Jim here again with a couple more thoughts before you go looking in your wood pile for suitable material...

Boat trim - do you have stuff in the bow compartment? try moving it to the stern. Small trim changes can have large effects.

Paddling style - Next time you are paddling in company with someone who seems experienced, tell them about the handling problem. If it's possible to help it with technique, He/she might be able to give you some pointers, and no messy epoxy needed!

You mentioned you were thinking of a 3' long skeg. That would probably not meed to be any more than a inch deep, more of a strip than a skeg, and it would still have more lateral area than a CLC retractible. Because the boat rockers up towards the stern, you might be able to shape a strip/skeg that does not increase the kayak's depth at all.

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