Re: Magnets

Posted by Alan Speakman on Aug 20, 2006

Hi all,

The magnetic paddle keeper works fine... Observations...

* The effective pull force of a magnet is not just a function of "pounds holding power". It's also related to its surface area. The eight pounders (1 inch dia.) mags we have are working just as well as the one-half inch dia., 20 pounders... But if we needed to, we could step up to the 50 pound pull force, one inch diameter brutes... But given my experience, that would simply be crazy at best and dangerous to boot. (I still have a blood blister where the 20 pounders "bit" me.)

* Make sure to space the magnets on the kayak paddle equidistant from the middle of the paddle shaft itself... That way, when you "plant" the paddle on the deck, it can fall into the same place regardless of the side of the boat. (My wife wants inlays to mark the seating position of the magnets mounted on the shaft of the paddle... Those inlays will represent the position of the mags below deck.)

* For the moment, I'm using Tyvek tape to hold the magnets onto the paddle shaft. (Note to self: Tyvek tape is hopelessly sticky... Measure twice and apply just once.) Eventually I'll wet sand the rascals in place using epoxy...

* Keep in mind the polarity of the magnets as you simulate seating the paddle on both sides of the deck. This is important.

* Forget about an on board compass... You'll think you're in the Bermuda Triangle!

* I'm not sure what magnets like these would do to a GPS... I've tested rare-earth magnets on all-RAM MP3 (non-iPods) players and had to reset the MP3 players. If anyone knows, please post...

So that's about it... "Doable"... Perfect for our still water application... Thoughts?


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