Shearwater Hybrid Hatches

Posted by Bob Lippold on Aug 19, 2006

I built the hatches and hatch sills per the updated manual which includes adding a thin 1/4" high plywood strip around the top inside edge of the hatch sill. Before the foam is added to the hatch itself, the hatch is pretty much flush with the deck which is the result I want. However, you need the foam strip to make it water-tight. When I added the foam strip per the instructions the hatch is about 1/4" higher than the deck. The customer service guy said they had the same results but strapping it down tight for a few hours made an indentation in the foam and it was ok. I also strapped down the hatches for about 12 hours but the hatch is still about 1/8" or more above the deck. I was thinking about planing and sanding down that thin plywood strip on top of the hatch sill to make it even narrower and less high (maybe 1/8"). Has anybody else had this problem and if so how do you rectify it?