Re: Cool - PMD Sailrig

Posted by John Pollard on Aug 18, 2006

Regarding reefing the PMD mainsail:

As CLC points out, it is mostly a matter of a few cringles and reef points. However, as I see it there is also the issue of adding a second parrel, where the halyard attaches to the gunter yard. Without the second parrel, I think the yard would play about too much (ordinarily, the halyard tension and lower parrel keep the yard firmly in place against the mast). Two parrels may cause the yard to bind against the mast on the hoist, so it will probably take some fanagling.

An alternative to reefpoints in the mainsail - at least in moderately heavy air - is to install a roller furling jib. We found the PMD sailed handsomely without the jib, even upwind. This allowed us to "reef" quickly and without much fuss.

In Response to: Cool. by CLC on Aug 17, 2006