Re: New Skerry sailing ri

Posted by Donald on Aug 17, 2006

When I saw the first Passagemaker, I knew that was the rig I wanted. So I called John and asked him if it would work. That's when I decided to go forward with the construction of the Skerry. I would not row with the mast up as I set mine up as "mast stepped with the jib flying" as opposed to having a seperate forestay. If I had the forestay, the boom would not be in the way rowing as its laced to the bottom of the main sail and would be in the bottom of the boat. The fastest day was, white caps, speed unknown. It was really fast and required relentless concentration, however it was more stable than I anticipated. The extra time to set up for sailing is well worth it. Again thanks to John for the drawings and help. I did have to shorten the shrouds, otherwise everything was a perfect match.

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