Re: Trailer for Skerry

Posted by Laszlo on Aug 14, 2006

The Skerry trailer sold by CLC may be above your target price, but it may actually be less expensive in the long run. I've played with these trailers and they are the best lightweight boat tralers I've seen. The construction is very robust, the materials are high quality and they are very light for their size. I'll be getting the SUT-200-S if it turns out that my latest boat (a 12-ft sailing dinghy) can't be truck-topped.

The trailers are light enough that they can be disconnected from the vehicle and used as a boat dolly. I tried this out in the grassy, gravelly area behind CLC with John Harris standing on the trailer pretending to be my boat (how's that for customer service?). He weighs more than the dinghy and was totally easy to wheel around due to the light weight and large tires (as well as John's superb sense of balance).

So for the price you get a non-rusting lightweight trailer usable as a boat dolly. It has large-sized wheels (instead of the little 8-inch ones on the less expensive trailers) standard. You dfinietly get what you pay for, and over the years the utility and reduced maintenance will pay you back. It's like okoume instead of luan.


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