Re: hold down brackets

Posted by Alan Speakman on Aug 13, 2006

Hi RB,

I want to be sure I understand your issue concerning the Piantedosi Row Wing... You wrote that:

"...the hold down brackets keep pulling free from the mounting plates; the screws simply pull out"

Do you mean that the screws that attach the brackets to the plates are stripping themselves free?

Using the following Web page as a reference, (, are the leveling legs and leveling feet parting because of a failure in the screws?

And by way of background, what have you done so far to address the issue?

Can you post a picture(s) of the problem?

I'm interested... (I've been looking at the Piantedosi rig myself... Looks mighty slick!)

In Response to: hold down brackets by rbrownprop on Aug 13, 2006