Re: mid trip damage fixes

Posted by Alan Speakman on Aug 12, 2006

Hmmm... I'll still "stick" by 5200 for two reasons...

i.) I once used it to glue a 2" by 2" keel on a 12' boat and found it to be one of the stickiest substances on earth right out of the tube. I vowed right then and there that I'd never use it again unless I had to.

ii.) I know of one instance where a thirty footer got holed on a reef, and a half sheet of plywood was slathered with the stuff and stuck wet on the hole... The repair held.

As for the plastic failing - That is why I suggested several layers of plastic AND duct tape...

But I absolutely agree with John in one respect... Clean up would be a complete horror show.

I guess the bottom line is that my repair kit will contain: plastic, duct tape, 5 min epoxy, and 5200...

(Gotta say though that some of the posts that mention TYVEK tape and Gorilla tape are completely new to me... Are those tapes REALLY waterproof?)

In Response to: Re: mid trip damage fixes by John Beck on Aug 8, 2006