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Posted by Alan Speakman on Aug 11, 2006

Hi John,

Yeah it's working fine. Right now I've just used Scotch 3M blue painter's tape (No. 2090) to hold a pair of rare-earth magnets under the deck. A single magnet taped to the shaft provides the opposite polarity... I'm using two such assemblies to secure the two ends of the paddle.

The task for the moment is to decide how the wife wants the paddle situated (it's her kayak)... Once we finally make up our minds, we'll simply glass the magnets onto the underside of the deck (no need for drilling), secure the magnets to the aluminum paddle shaft, (tricky but "doable"), and we're done... And if we want to change things... No big deal.

Currently we're using "8 lb pull" magnets - but we just ordered some 20 pounders to see what they feel like...

When all is said and done, this has been a successful but boring experiment... When you slide the paddle over the magnets, it just silently scoots into place. Freeing the paddle takes just a bit of "umph", but not much... Boring.

Obviously, I wouldn't recommend this for ocean kayaks, but for birdwatching on flat water, it should be perfect.

Please note: I can understand how folks are using these magnets to secure hatches... These magnets are NOT meant for children, and they certainly are NOT toys - I have the blood blister to prove it.

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